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About Us

Global Geospatial Services Limited (GGSL), is a digital-map based Fleet solutions, Logistics Support and Security Solutions Company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are primarily and strongly involved in Fleet Telematics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services with specialized interest in Transport related activities such as Fleet Management, Logistics Support for Courier Services companies, taxi cab servicing companies, Online Retail Stores, Haulage & supply chain companies, Cash-in-Transit Companies, Waste Management Servicing Companies, Trucking Companies, Digital Mapping Companies and for Transport Geographers.

Our core business area is centered around but not limited to: Fleet Telematics, Fleet Management services and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the transport sector of the Nigerian economy and the world at large.

1. Fleet Telematics- This entails the use of digital map-based fleet management software suite and hardware devices for effective monitoring and management of all forms of mobile assets such as operational vehicles, haulage trucks, delivery vans, motorbikes, cash-in-transit vehicles, school buses, staff buses, four-wheel drives (4WD), Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), speedboats, ferries, field technicians (mobile workforce), Insurance-Based Telematics Services, Proof of Delivery Services, Transport and Logistics support services, Fuel Consumption Monitoring Systems; and

2. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)- which is a scientific technology in which layers of information about places and activities therein, are graphically put together in map themes. This helps us to know and also to have a better understanding of what these mobile assets i.e (haulage trucks, delivery vans, motorbikes, school buses etc) are doing, at these existing locations, through a digital mapping platform online, real time.

Our Team

Our Team is made of highly experience professionals in the industry, highly seasoned with years of experience.

Our Services

Our core business areas are mainly divided into two parts but not limited to the following: Telematics and Geospatial Information Systems

Our Clients


Our Latest Offering

We have recently re-launched a more robust fleet management solution for haulage and courier services companies within the country;