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Fleet, Mapping and Security Solutions Experts


The need for fleet owners and managers to secure, monitor and manage their fleet of operational vehicles, haulage trucks, delivery vans, motorbikes, school buses, staff buses, speed boats and ferries etc cannot be over emphasized. As the operational costs of keeping these vehicles road worthy increases at all times, our fleet management services via the use of our cutting edge software suite ensures in all totality that we operationally achieve near zero downtime at all times.

Our robust fleet management solution helps us know, measure, monitor and calculate, the overall fleet efficiency of your entire mobile assets i.e haulage trucks, delivery vans, school buses, speed boats, ferries, light aircrafts etc. This helps us,pay close and specific attention to pick-up times (departure times from DC), expected time of arrivals (ETAs) at customer locations, turn-around-times (TAT) and more importantly delays at customer locations.

It is also interesting to know that these FM solution is available in form of mobile apps, which can easily be downloaded on any of your smart phones, Ipads and tablets (android, IOS and blackberry enabled mobile devices), and thus with our platform, you can remotely monitor all your mobile assets from any country, in this world, online real time.

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