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Fleet management solution for Cash-In-Transit and Retail Store companies:

We recently launched a more robust fleet management solution for Cash-in-Transit servicing companies within the country; which helps us to know, measure, monitor and calculate, the overall fleet efficiency of the entire fleet of CIT vans, patrol and other delivery vans respectively.

This helps us all, to pay close and specific attention to pick-up times at differentcash points, retail store outlets etc; expected time of arrivals (ETAs) at receiving outlets, turn-around-times (TAT) and more importantly monitor and avoid unnecessary delays at customer locations; in both active and passive trip reporting formats. 

This was a major contributory factor in accessing the commercial viability of the entire operations, for our client. However, this also helped measure and monitor the activities of all drivers within the fleet (violations and other forms of reckless driving inclusive) as well as fuel consumption monitoring of these same delivery and patrol vans at all times. Fully supported on all available mobile devices, online, real time. Honestly, Peace of mind guaranteed…