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From the purchase of a vehicle to the scrap stage of its life, there are various costs incurred which ranges from purchase costs, maintenance costs, legal permit costs and all forms of licensing and tax costs. The utility of the vehicle is to accomplish certain assignments and the profitability or otherwise of the vehicle is a function of how its productivity surpasses all these inherent costs.

With our technology, all the necessary parameters with which the productivity of an asset could be measured and ascertained are well contained therein. These parameters are programmed to answer questions like

  • "What are their current operational status?",
  • "How many hours have the vehicles worked?",
  • "How many hours does the vehicles have left on their work schedule for the day?,
  • “Any drive time violations and prompt notifications? " and lots more...

However, all these questions are automatically answered on reports generated via the system without any driver manipulations whatsoever.